Well, in the spirit of taking you on a whirlwind tour of a specific tool or site, today we’re visiting the Wide World of Warlick. David Warlick is an educator, a consultant, a presenter, a blogger, a podcaster, and the designer of some seriously essential tools for teachers. If you’ve listened to my podcasts before, you’d definitely heard his name mentioned. Today we take a look at some of the tools he has created. Trust me, if you stand in front of a group of students, you need to be exploring his site. There’s something for everyone, from Kindergarten through College. In fact, there’s so much good stuff that I there were several things I forgot to cover in the podcast. They’re listed in the show notes anyway so you can explore them at your leisure. Enjoy the show!

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Show notes:
Teachnology: It’s not only “Technology with an A”, it’s also an interview with Kathy Schrock! Trust me, you want to listen to this one.
David Warlick: His home page. It has a brief bio of him, a list of his services and and other various links about where he’s been and what he’s up to.
Landmark Project: This is where you’ll want to start your Warlick safari. It has links to all the other sites I have listed below and more.
Citation Machine: Can’t get enough of this one. Fill in the blanks and BAM, instant citation in APA or MLA format.
Rubric Builder: Couldn’t be easier to build effective assessments and put them up on the web.
PiNet Library: I love the list of people this tool is free for: “…participants in David Warlick’s addresses and workshops, and to educators who learn about this tool by word of mouth.” Do you have a class page? If not, you will after you visit this site. Very simple to use yet more robust than you might think you’d get for free.
Connect Learning: Dave and his imaginary friend NOA have a fantastic podcast that’s well worth a listen.
Exactly 2 Cents Worth: David’s blog. You never know where he’ll be that day or what he’ll be writing about, but it’s usually a fascinating read.
Blogmeister: If can’t find a blog engine you really like, just build one yourself! That’s what Dave did, and you get to take advantage of it free of charge. The only blog engine that’s designed from the ground up for teachers and students to work together.
Strolling Through the Orchard: Tom Sheehan’s Blogmesiter site. A great example of how it all works together, students and teacher blogging in a safe controlled environment.
Workshop Handouts: More workshops that you can shake a stick at, and you have easy access to every site, source and handout from each of them.
New Century School House: “The New Century School House is essentially three 1950s style school buildings that have been totally gutted of all relics of industrial age education. The rooms are bare and without purpose. Educators are invited to adopt and Education re purpose individual rooms in either of the three buildings (Elementary, Middle, or High Schools) as learning spaces where students can learn in ways that are more relevant to a technology and information rich world.” It sounded a bit strange to me, but all is revealed when you explore the site a bit.”

Featured Blogmeister entries: If you want to see some highlights from students using Blogmeister, check out this link. Teachers can mark student entries as “Featured” and they’ll be listed on this page.