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Today’s show is all about everyone’s favorite photo sharing site, Flickr! It’s the April Fool’s edtion and I’ve got more tricks for you than you can shake a stick at. We begin with just plain silly and move on to some fantastic ways to stretch the ways you can use Flickr. Flickr itself is deep enough to explore for a few days, but people have come up with some real creative ways to take advantage of Flickr’s API. Enjoy the show!

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Show notes:
My Flickr Account: All 1500+ of my own personal photos. Feel free to leave comments!
Flickr Chia Pet: Ok, I know it’s silly, but it’s also kind of fun!
Flickr Color Pickr: A personal favorite of mine, finds photos that are predominantely a specific color. You have to try this one for yourself. Very cool stuff.
Flickr Postcard Browser: An interesting way to look up specific tags. It may not be a ‘deep’ site, but it’s a nice layout for searching through tags.
Spell with Flickr: I love this one. Spells out words of your choice by using photos tagged with specific letters. Great for building logos as well! Alan has a script that will load up different images each time someone visits your site.
Flickr Photoblog World Map: Worth checking out. You can actually downlaod this one and create a local version of it for your site.
Flickr Related Tag Browser: This one is fantastic. A visual way to see photos that match a tag, but it also puts related tags in a ring around it. Cool and useful.
Flickr Rainbow: Sort of a fluffy one. It creates a rainbow using words tagged with the appropriate colors. However, since it only uses the tag, the rainbow doesn’t really LOOK so much like a rainbow all the time. For example, the tag “Blue” may have a picture of someone depressed.
FlickrGraph: One of the best Flickr extensions out there. I had trouble getting it to work with Firefox though. Visually shows how social networks are built. It’s really amazing. If you only check out one of these sites, check this one out.
Mappr: Organizes recently uploaded photos by location. So photos taken in Chicago will be put over Chicago on the map.
Flickr Replacer: I had trouble coming up with the word during the podcast, but this is perfect for creating a rebus! It’s a bookmarklet, and if you highlight a word and click on it, a picture will be substituted for the words.
Flickr360: Cutting edge Flickr extension here. Now that Yahoo has bought Flickr and created their own blog engine, you might think there’s a way to combine your Flickr and 360 accounts into one feed, right? Well, here you go! You can actually combine any 360 feed and any Flickr photostream, doesn’t even need to be your own!
Keyword Assistant: If you use iPhoto and Flickr, then this plugin is invaluable. Makes it incredibly simple to tag your photos with keywords.
Flickr Export Plugin for iPhoto: Speaking of iPhoto and Flickr, this creates a new tab in the export window to send photos straight to Flickr. I’ve find it to be slightly flaky at times, but I have successfully uploaded all of my 1500 photos using it. Once again, an absolute necessity for OS X users.
The Great Flickr Tools Collection: This post has a bazillion Flickr tips and tricks. I think I covered most of the good ones, but if you’re starting to et into Flickr, then this is a great site to visit. Way more extensive than what I have here!

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  1. Dean Shareski 4/2/2005 at Apr 02, 05 | 11:30 am

    Thanks Steve, I’m a big flickr fan and am doing a workshop on this next week so I’ll use your research. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast but I will. Nice job.


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  5. Iwo 11/21/2006 at Nov 21, 06 | 2:07 pm

    Unit Spell with Flickr starts working again you can use this one.

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