Yahoo is back on the Christmas Card list.

Yahoo's big news is that they have unveiled Yahoo! 360°, sort of like My Yahoo for the Read/Write generation. Thanks to Jeremy Zawodny, I got an invite to check it out. He's passing them out but he's getting totally swamped. However, it looks as though people who are in the beta have 100 invites to [...]

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Flickr from A-Z

Found this one through Alan, Spell with flickr is a site where you can type in a word and have it spelled out in alphabet letters pulled from Flickr. I love sites like this. Perhaps it's time to pull all the Flickr hacks together into a single post. There's just so many neat things you [...]

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The Atari 2600 iPod battery pack

I spent the weekend in Iowa City and did a little shopping with my brother in law. While we were at a store that buys and sells used video games, I saw a few old Atari 2600 cartridges behind the counter. I always get a little nostalgic when I see those, but most stores sell [...]

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Podcast: Beyond Freedom of Speech

Just a quick podcast for ya'all today. It's Good Friday, Easter and Purim, so Happy (Insert holiday here)! On today's podcast, I discuss a news story that I found via The Education Wonks. A high school principal was smoking behind her school despite the fact that state law dictates that it is illegal to smoke [...]

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SubEthaEdit – Wiki-tize your text documents.

Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog: I haven't loaded up SubEthaEdit in a while and to be honest, I kind of forgot about it. However, it really is one incredibly cool text editor. Essentially, it's a back to basics word processor with one massive twist; multiple people can be working collaboratively at the same time. One [...]

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Google X returns! Sort of…

Well, for those of you who were interested in GoogleX, it's back! However, I have a hunch it won't be around for too long. It's being hosted at which doesn't sound a bit like Google to me. So I'm asuming that this is an unsanctioned replica based off of screenshots that someone took. However, [...]

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Put some Science in your pocket.

Did you know that NASA has jumped on to the podcasting bandwagon! They have a show called Science @ NASA.... to go that provides audio versions of Science news stories. They've apperantly been doing it for years, but started podcasting them back in December. Definitely one to add to the ol' podcatcher.

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Do ya Koha?

We currently use Sagebrush Spectrum as our library catalog server. It's a real workhorse and we've had very few problems with it on the whole. However, there are a few major issues that they still have yet to resolve. Chief among them is the fact that they still don't have an OSX client yet. The [...]

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Flickr goes Yahoo.

Just in case you hadn't heard yet, Flickr has gone the way of the Yahoo's. The rumour has been around for a bit but over the weekend it became official. You can read all about it everywhere in the blogosphere, but here's my brief synopsis: No, it is not going to become Yahoo Photos. Yes, [...]

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Podcast: Free and Open Source Software redux

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is definitely a hot topic in education. I've written about it before and podcasted about it as well. When I went to the ICE conference a few weeks ago, I attended a session titled "Providing Open Source Solutions for School-wide Services." The session consisted of a brief overview, followed [...]

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