Podcast: Don’t forget to FOSS!

Update: I have done a followup podcast which includes all of the links below, and a few more to boot. You can check it out here. Raise your hand if your school just has so much money that you just can't spend it all! If your hand is up, you can just skip this show [...]

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Another step towards the dark side of the force

Heh, Allen Levine of CogDogBlog seems about a few steps away from becoming a full feldged podcaster. Just a few short months ago, he wrote up a great post about yawncasting as he called it. While I disagreed with some of the things he said, I did agree that it was a budding broadcast platform, [...]

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Trying to figure out what blog package to use?

D'arcy Norman has created a wiki page to store information about multiuser weblogs for institutions. It's a fantastic resource that's only getting better. I just added a new column for Manila, since that's what we're using right now. HOwever, I gotta admit that it's pretty darn cool that most of the packages listed in the [...]

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Guru of the Obvious

I'm not quite sure what to make of theGuru of the Obvious, but so far I've gotten a serious chuckle from his tone and attitude. Personally, I don't trust libraries and librarians. Their insistence on preserving and providing access to materials for free creeps me out. If there's one thing I have learned in a [...]

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Cell phones in the classroom

Via NSBA's Daily Weblog: Cell phones in schools are becoming quite a hot topic. The general feeling seems to be that students can carry them around but that they really aren't allowed to be used. Since the events of 9/11, many schools have relaxed their policies to allow students to have them, but require the [...]

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It’s sort of like hitting the wall.

I realized something today. Yesterday I had more free time that I would during a normal day, and yet I did not bother to blog about any of the things I found interesting. The same thing goes for the day before. Yes, I'm busy. Would you like me to rattle off all the reasons why [...]

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Podcast: Think before you broadcast.

Busy show today. I've got a few new podcasts for you to check out. The great thing about the 'casts I discuss today is that they are all written or performed by kids! I also discuss a new piece of podcatching software called Podcast Tuner for Mac OS X. It's what I'm using right now [...]

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A fair request for Podcasters

From cogdogblog: Podcaster Request: Feed With a Summary Alan brings up a good suggestion to podcasters. He simply requests that we add a bit more of a description to our show notes so that the occasional listener can read a summary and decide whether they want to subscribe/listen or not. Nobody wants to waste their [...]

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Podcast: GCPS Revealed, and a special guest!

Another podcast in the books. In this show, the identify of the mysterious GCPS is finally revealed! Now that I think about it, I should have had a drumroll sound effect at the ready. Oh well, I'm not a huge fan of post production, so we'll stick with what we have! Also, the Girl on [...]

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If you were a book…

I'm sure that many of you have considered, "If I were a book, what book would I be?" Well, thank goodness technology brings us the answer! Found this one through HipTeacher, it's a quiz to determine what book you are! So if you have a few minutes, check it out for yourself. Good clean literary [...]

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