Link to a specific clip from an MP3?

Ok, Tim Wilson has an interesting post about creativity and rewards. However, what stopped me dead in my tracks was that he has a hyperlink to a clip from the podcast that he was listening to. Not a link to the podcast in its entirety, but a link to just the clip that he's talking [...]

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Podcast: The future of conferences

New podcast, recorded live (is there any other way to record it?) from a parking spot in front of the eye doctor's office. I really only talked about one article today. Educause Review has a fantastic article about the future of conferences. It's a subject of great interest to me because there are so many [...]

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Take your best shot, Spammers

Loving wordpress so far. It has a feature where you can set that if a comment contains more than X links in it, it will sit in a queue until you approve of it. I thought it was just a cute little feature, but then I noticed yesterday that I had 5 posts sitting in [...]

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So what’s the big deal about Rojo?

Have you heard about Rojo yet? If you haven't, you probably will. It's basically an aggregator with social networking features built into it. From a marketing standpoint though, they're taking advantage of the model GMail set up. It's in beta, and it's by invite only. There's a Slashdot article discussing it right now and about [...]

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Moving right along

Ok, still getting the hang of Wordpress, but I really like what it has to offer. And I'm seriously liking Bluehost not only because it is saving my bandwidth (and marriage), but because it has a slew of features that I didn't even know about when I bought into it. For one thing, it keeps [...]

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Welps, I've done gone invested in It will provide me with way more bandwidth as well as some other functionality as well. I'm looking forward to the switch. So long as I'm moving, i've decided that I'm also going to move to Wordpress as well. I've gotten a head start on the move and [...]

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New Podcast: Edupodcasters on the march!

New podcast recorded and uploaded. In this one, I discuss how EduPodcasters seem to be coming out of the woodwork. This is a *good* thing. Also, I play a quote from IT Conversations on Syndication Nation. Enjoy the show! Direct link to the 'cast Show Notes: OneBigHead: Jeff Moore's podcast during a snow day. Fantastic [...]

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The Internet is NOT an excuse for allowing students to cheat.

Bah. Articles like this one really tick me off. The Seattle Times has an article entitle Educators blame Internet for rise in student cheating. I'm sorry, but what a cop out. The article talks about two distinctly different issues but lumps them together; copying selections from web sites without crediting the original author and downloading [...]

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Podcasting: Active listening vs. Passive

Jack was emailing me back and forth a few times after the BlogWalk, and brought an interesting idea to my attention. He pointed out that I didn't have a direct link to my last podcast so he couldn't listen to it. The reailty is, the number of people with pdocatching software is still pretty minimal. [...]

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Blogwalk 6.0 wrapup: Blog edition part 1

Jack has been dropping some not so subtle hints that I should post some reflections about Blogwalk beyond just the Podcast. I've been intending to, it's just a matter of finding the time (an oh so precious commoditity). But he's absolutely right, if I don't get some of these thoughts down now, I probably never [...]

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