Podcast VI: And a Happy New Year…

I've been quiet lately due to getting ready for vacation. We're heading off to Iowa City for Christmas and then we go straight to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I'm very excited, my first real time off in about a year. Anyway, I whipped off this podcast while a switch was being replaced at [...]

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Podcast V: A Very Delicious Podcast

Another 'cast hits the airwaves! I've changed the format slightly. For this podcast, I'm focusing in on a single piece of social software, del.icio.us. For the next few podcasts, I'm going to try to key in on a single site or piece of software and really go into it in depth. You know, provide some [...]

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We could all use some free press from Microsoft

Found this little tidbit through Geek News Central. Appearantly Microsoft tried to shut down a site called MacSlash, because someone posted a comment containing a possible Longhorn serial number 8 months ago. Instead of doing the logical thing and contacting MacSlash and asking them to delete it, they rallied their team of lawyers into action [...]

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Venting? No, not me.

I just deleted about 10 paragraphs of me venting at my Head of School. I really don't want this blog to become a place for me to spew hostilities at people I'm upset with. Like I've said before, there are so many things to be positive about, why waste the bandwidth on negativitiy? So I've [...]

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Too many bookmarklets? Combine some!

Alan just posted about Connotea, a new social citation and bookmarking service extremely similar to del.icio.us. It's pretty cool, but I'm not a scientist and probably won't use this one. However, what I will use is his ultra cool 4 in 1 bookmark tool that he talks about at the end of the post! I [...]

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Shop at Amazon, then check your library first!

Major kudos to one of our school librarians, Fredrica, for pointing out this article from the Shifted Librarian that I totally missed somehow. Basically, Jon Udell came up with a very cool little bookmarklet for local libraries. Let's say you're on Amazon.com and you have your eye on Life of Pi (the book I'm currently [...]

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Google wins in trademark suit with Geico

Not quite sure how thrilled I am about this one. Google won it's trademark suit with Geico. The gist of it is that other insurance companies can purchase the keywords "Geico" and "Geico Direct" and have links to their companies appear as ads along the right hand side when someone searches. My big fear is [...]

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Free plugs if you make me laugh

I placed an order for that Sinister Dexter CD last night, and this morning I got the following email from the company I ordered it through. Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow. A team of 50 employees inspected your CD [...]

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Thump it up!

Ok, even though I'm a total gadget freak, I'm trying really hard not to let gadgets and reviews of gadgets take over this blog. However, I do have to fill you in on what I think might be the coolest MP3 player on the market. You can see on my flickr feed a picture of [...]

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Podcast IV: The Phantom Podcaster

I know I've been kind of quiet for the last few days. I've been sick with the stomach flu and have just recently started feeling human again. So that means a new podcast for you! For those of you listening directly, you should be using iPodder :) But if you insist, here's the direct link [...]

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