I just wrote and deleted an entire entry about how frustrated I am with the red tape here at my school. I don't want to get into it, but the feedback that i'm getting from my Head of School is basically, "Glad your so excited about it, let's discuss it further. Sometime. Later. Eventually." It's [...]

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Weblogging in Schools

An article on referenced a great argument regarding why someone might want to use Weblogs in schools. The original article can be found on The FordLog, and is quite a lengthy post. Definitely worth the read. Some of the highlights for me though were: Christina was in the process of researching her weblog-based project [...]

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Adventures in WikiCasting

Abject Learning did the first WikiCast that I know of. Basically it's a podcast but with interactive visual aids. It's really fantastic, and shows the potential for the evolution of presentations. Powerpoint was a great tool for presenters, but really when you get right down to it, it's no more than overglorified overhead projector slides. [...]

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I been quoted!

Ok, maybe it's just because I didn't get enough attention as a child, but I feel really proud when I see that someone else out there is excited by something that I wrote. :Anne posted on Ed-Tech Insider about Why Weblogs Work. I'm still pretty new to blogging and this site hasn't really been around [...]

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Ed-Tech Insider: Congress slices ed tech grants

From Ed-Tech Insider The bad news came today via email from our state Deptartment of Education. The 2005 Omnibus Appropriations Bill approved by the House and Senate over the weekend includes large cuts in educational technology funding. The biggest cut comes to the State Education Technology Block Grant (Title II Part D) which will be [...]

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I've been delving deeper and deeper into lately and really liking what it offers. For one thing, I'm finding it easier to keep track of my bookmarks on multiple computers. Between different browsers on different machines, I have about 6 sets of bookmarks. I'm slowly but surely moving all of them over to [...]

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Gmail: Hype worthy?

I recently got myself a GMail account and have been toying around with it. So far, I'm sold. Yes, it's just another email account, and no it won't wash the dishes for you, but it does have some very nice time saving features. My first day of test driving it, I had a lovely conversation [...]

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Why I’m going to become a Podcaster

I love walking the dog. Know why? I'll tell you! Because I get to listen to a Podcast. It's probably the best time to listen to one because most of them are the perfect length. Today I listed to the Nov. 14th broadcast from Dave Slusher. I've listed to a few of his previous podcasts [...]

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A9, a superior search page?

Alan posted about a new search site today, It's been about a Google years since I got interested or even raised an eyebrow at a new search engine, but this one is worth a click. If I can scan the docs right, it is "powered by Amazon" (uses Amazon logins and likely for looking [...]

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The Untapped Potential of Conference Blogs

While driving home and listening to :Will's second :podcast, something he said struck a chord with me (besides the shoutout!). He was mentioning that the conference he was returning from, the Conference for Managers of Information Technology, recorded the conference in blog format. They used

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